Managing the chaos of modern, working families can be a constant juggling act. Nanagers provide the professional support you need to spend time where it matters most, with your family.

  First and foremost we provide professional, quality childcare.

All-inclusive home and family care management service.


Nanagers are experienced, innovative and hard-working.


Flexible, reliable family management tailored to your family.

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The Nanager Initiative

Come home from work to kids bathed, homework done, house cleaned and dinner in the oven.


We believe it's time to evolve the Nanny role to reflect modern families.


Establish the perfect routine for your family.


Fees include all leave entitlements, insurance, superannuation and tax.


Investing in a Nanager is investing in family time.



Why us?

Nanager Melbourne Family Support


We've spent years working with families adapting our service to provide genuine support for parents returning to work.


We understand every family is different. By carefully matching families with like-minded Nanagers, it won't be long until it seems like she can read your mind.

Nanager preparing dinner, Melbourne
Nanager and family, Melbourne


We offer a range of resources, training and tools to ensure you establish and maintain a strong working relationship with your Nanager.

Are you ready for a Nanager?

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