The Nanager Programme allows you to showcase yourself as leader in diversity inclusion and gender equality. Our dedicated team is committed to listening to your working parents, finding out where they need support and customising the right child/home care solutions to help them juggle a healthy career alongside a happy home.

Be a pioneer in corporate employee benefits for working parents with a modern inclusion model.

Create a supportive and empowering environment for women returning to the workplace.

Reduce burnout and increase employee satisfaction.

The Nanager Initiative

Work-life balance was rated above job satisfaction and salary, by a third of people surveyed by

Our mission is to empower women in the workplace by supporting them with the confidence to continue a fulfilling career.


We are the first of our kind, offering an all-inclusive family + home management service.


Increase your employee retention with impactful inclusion models relevant to their needs.


All Nanager’s are experienced and professional sole-traders.


The initiative has been trialled and tested for over 3 years with 20+ families.


We work with Legal partners to ensure all Nanagers have the appropriate checks and clearances.


We offer exclusive tools and resources to create strong working relationships.


We are not trying to create another agency, we want to create social change.


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