We get it, new concepts can take a little getting used to. Let us break it down for you.


What is a Nanager?

A Nanager is a childcare professional who combines her nanny service with effective home management.  First and foremost, the children remain priority at all times. All Nanagers hold a qualification or at least two years of formal experience working with children.  Nanagers then establish a customised routine based on the family’s needs, and use their initiative and proactive thinking to manage a range of house duties alongside childcare.


Where did the concept come from?

Founder, Lauren Brown, was a professional nanny who ran her nanny service as a small business, working 1-2 days a week for multiple families.  Lauren found herself in the minority of nannies who were willing to go beyond childcare and extend their services to the home, and was shocked to learn that most agencies directly discouraged their nannies from offering more to families.  Tired of being put in the same box as babysitters and being asked when she was “going to get a real job”, Lauren created and trademarked the word NANAGER to revolutionise the role nannies play in Australian homes.  The team is now rolling the concept out across Australia and establishing the service as a viable career option for childcare professionals.


How are we revolutionising the industry?

We’re working with Nanagers… The Nanny Industry is evolving and we are seeing it grow faster then ever before here in Australia.  Being a nanny is no longer a job to fill the time, it’s becoming a career choice.  We have a range of customised workshops, trainings, and consultations available to help professional Nanagers create innovative services and market themselves professionally to earn their worth.

We’re working with families…  We educate families on how to utilise their Nanager service effectively and use our solution to revolutionise their lives and careers.  We offer support, tools, and management services to help families establish and maintain a strong professional relationship with their Nanager.  Our team is also connected to a wealth of professionals that we can refer to parents for all family related hurdles like nutrition strategies, sleep routines, and behavioural problems.

We’re working with corporates… We are working with companies to roll out the Nanager solution to their working parents.  The Nanager Initiative is a diversity inclusion model we’ve created to help corporates connect with their working parents, understand them, and provide solutions in the form of Nanagers in the home. We also provide events with tailored professional advice, and workshops aimed at helping families juggle the chaos that comes with raising a happy family while still building a strong career.


But what does a Nanager actually DO?

They calm the chaos!

Initially, they have in-depth consultations with parents to establish the needs and goals of that particular family. First and foremost is childcare, but second to that we work out the realistic time that can be allocated to the house so that your Nanager can handle your priorities to help make your life easier.  It’s like being in two places at once!

Duties can include:

  • Child development strategies
  • Progression reports
  • Photo journals
  • School drop off / pick up
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Cooking/prepping meals
  • Cleaning up around the house


Who would make an ideal Nanager?

  • Career nannies wanting to professionalise their service
  • Childcare workers looking for a change
  • Mature age mums who have older children and want to return to the workforce
  • Teachers looking for a change


How much does it cost?

  • Employed Nanagers start at $25/ hour + superannuation and entitlements.
  • Self-employed or contracted Nanagers start at $30/hour.
  • Placement fees start at $300 and work up to $2500 depending on the role you are looking to fill.

Each service + Nanager is unique so the price will reflect the different variations (experience, qualification, what additional duties are required, etc) but our team will help both families and Nanagers during the negotiation stages to make sure each arrangement is fair, reasonable and — most importantly — legal.

We are also dedicated to customising the right Nanager solution for your schedule and budget. You’ll be surprised at the magic that can happen even from hiring a Nanager 1 day/week.


Why is a sole-trader Nanager more expensive?

Unlike employed situations, sole-traders pay their own leave + tax + super so this is inclusive in your Nanager’s price, making a seamless and simple payment process.  To qualify as a sole-trader, Nanagers must service multiple families.  Having one source of income and being a contractor is illegal.  This means that sole trading nannies are highly skilled, professional, and running their services as a small business.


Can I pay my Nanager cash?

No, paying cash in hand is illegal.  We are passionate about professionalising the Nanny industry and with this comes fair and legal working arrangements.  We work closely with you and your Nanager to establish the right working relationship for your situation and provide customised tools to help protect both parties in maintaining a strong, professional working agreement.


Who hires a Nanager?

Parents and companies. Parents hire us to help manage the chaos of trying to juggle a career and a family, and companies hire us as an added benefit to their valued employees. < How nice!


How many hours a week does a family usually hire a Nanager for?

Nanagers typically cover 3-4 families a week, so families usually hire them for 1-3 days a week.  This is where the magic happens as Nanagers take the hard stuff off your plate so that you can relax as a family.  We’ve found the need for a full-time nanny to be rare and to hire a Nanager full-time isn’t cost effective.  We help our Nanagers build a full-time roster so that they can still turn love into a career.

Should you be seeking a full-time Nanager, however, we do cater to this too.  It just means the working relationship will be set up under an employed model.


How do I pay a Nanager?

Depending on the nature of the arrangement, the Nanager will hold a formal working arrangement with families as either a contractor or employee.  Nanager PTY LTD offer multiple options such as employing the Nanager for you (we’ll take care of the paperwork), subcontracting sole-traders, and permanent placement services where the families hire the Nanager privately.


What are the minimum requirements a Nanager must hold?

  • Valid Working with Children check (WWCC)
  • Valid first aid certificate
  • Valid CPR certificate
  • 2 years experience working with children in a formal setting (not working for family + friends)
  • Subcontracted nannies must hold their own Nanny insurance. We can point you in the right direction for this, should you need.
  • Preferred – permanent resident


How can I become a Nanager?

If you tick all the listed requirements in the previous question and want to get started, you can apply by completing the following application form.  From there our team will be in touch to organise a formal interview.

If you want to discuss further, or find out about a particular job, you can get in touch with us via our recruitment team hello@nanager.com.au.  We understand that applying for agencies is a lengthy process so we are happy to meet for a coffee/have a chat on the phone, go through you needs, and finalise your application when the dream job comes along.


Can I still apply if I don’t have the minimum requirements?

It is unlikely you will be placed if you don’t hold the minimum requirements. However, Nanager offers a range of training, workshops, and private consultations to help you succeed.  If you want to take the next step in your career and become a Nanager, connect with our team to discuss our upcoming events and training options.

Of course, we love hearing from new applicants so please get in touch via our Nanager page.  Our team will help you manage a plan to get to a point where you can start, and from there we will help you continue to grow your career + professional brand.


How do we ensure quality?

Our dedicated team offers tailored + customised training, workshops, and mentoring for Nanagers to help them establish a strong service behind a professional brand.  We help foster strong working relationships through these resources to ensure that everyone is happy and things get off to the right start from the beginning.  Current resources include: Contract templates, diaries, family manuals, relevant record forms + more.

The Nanagers we place all have their documentation verified by our team, including 2 references checked, so parents can be assured of quality and safety.


Why is a contract so important?

Like all working relationships, your Nanager arrangement will have a beginning, middle, and end so it’s important to agree on an arrangement that covers each stage.  Nanager offers valuable contract templates that help families + Nanagers build an agreement that is professional, thorough, and legal.