At the heart of Nanager is the drive to empower women in the workplace.

We do that by helping nannies take the next step in their career by becoming their own boss, and by helping working mums juggle the chaos of a modern family.

Nanager is a role created by Lauren Brown after identifying the need for flexible childcare by working families. The childcare centre model isn’t working anymore and needs to change. A Nanager is designed to be a family’s extra partner in the home. We’ll keep the kids happy and engaged and take care of the home while you’re at work. When you come home, you can relax knowing the house is clean, dinner is ready and all you need to do is enjoy time as a family.

As a leader within the Melbourne Nanny industry, we see the life of working parents every day. Through tailored support, we offer families a way to outsource the household management while receiving quality childcare - so you can truly, have it all.

We work with companies to provide them with support-based solutions for their employees. By rolling out the Nanager Initiative, workplaces can identify the needs of their working parents and improve their overall satisfaction by providing meaningful benefits. This proven solution allows families to juggle a healthy career alongside a happy family.

At Nanager, we provide extensive coaching and mentoring to professional nannies to offer the right support and resources to lift their quality standards. We help them become Nanagers by creating innovative and customised roles that stretch beyond the stereotypical nanny. Through us, Nanagers can earn their worth and families see their impact.

About Lauren

Nanager Lauren Brown

Growing up with fours sisters and a flurry of younger cousins, my passion for working with kids feels like second nature. I've spent my career working in childcare and management, and became a self-employed nanny after realising families weren't getting the support they needed - which extended beyond childcare. I thought the typical Nanny role was outdated and needed to reflect todays modern families. The reaction I got from families once I combined the role of childcare worker and house keeper, meant I knew I was definitely onto something. The solution was a new role altogether, a Nanager.

Over the past few years I have been training professional Nannies at my popular #NannyBoss workshops through my coaching consultancy, Lollaby. From these coaching workshops, I have helped nannies turn their passion of working with children into a viable, longterm career option.

I truly believe Nanager has to impact to influence social change. The best part of my job is helping women return to a healthy career, while managing a happy household, and spending time where it matters most. I believe with the right support, families really can have it all - without having to do it all.